The Unity of Societies in Peak of Eloquence

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This book is one of the works of Ayatollah Javadi Amoli; on Islamic, social an political unity, in Persian.

The author
Ayatollah Abdullah Javadi Amoli is a contemporary Iranian scholar, born in 1934 in Amol- Iran, into a religious and scholarly family. After finishing the primary school in 1947, entered Amol Seminary and studied up to 1951 then went to Tehran Seminary and studied intellectual and transmitted sciences in Marvi Madrasa, finally went to ####Qom and continued in Qom Seminary. The following works have been written by him:
1- Tasnim
2- The Quranic Commentary
3- Subject commentary of the Quran
4- The Secrets of Prayer
5- The Rule of Jurisprudent

Structure of the book:
It contains three chapters as following:
1- The generalities: - the meaning of unity – the importance of unity – the origin of unity, etc.
2- The areas of unity: - unity in Islam’s area – unity in the area of the followers of the monotheistic religions – unity and peace in the area of human societies
3- Division and disagreement: - division in the viewpoint of Imam Ali – the strategy of those who cause division among people, etc.

This book was published in 2002 in Qom.


The Unity of Societies in Peak of Eloquence


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