The manner of theism

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The present book is one of the works of Ayatollah Sobhani , concerning Islamic principle of beliefs.


The author

Ayatollah Jafar   sobhani  Tabrizi ,contemporary Iranian scholar. Born in 1930,  in Tabriz into a religious family. He studied in Persian literature, the  books “  Nasaab al- sebyan” , Abwab al- Jenan “ (the  doors of paradise) , “ Mo jam History” in the presence of “ Mirza Mahmud Fazel”.  Then he continued  his studies  in “ Tableiyeh school”  in Tabriz he was trained into presence  of great scholars : Ayatollah  Ruhallah khomenini, sheikh Hasan Nahwi and Mirza Muhammad Ali Modems khiyabani  Ayatollah sobhani is the founder of “ the center of Islamic  theological studies” and also one of the great teachers in “ Qom seminary.

His works

1- Theological books and Mujam al- Mutakallemin
2- Mosoueh
3- The eternal  light
4- wahhabism. etc.

The book structure


The book includes the following chapters:

1- Monotheism from the viewpoint of psychology

2- Monotheism from the viewpoint of sociology

3-Innate monotheism according to the Koran and Hadiths

4- Rational monotheism

5- Monotheism from the viewpoint of life

6- The signs of monotheism existing in creatures

7-The reasons of theism in world of plant

8- Rational and philosophical reasons of monotheism

9- The faults of monotheism

10- Monotheism from the viewpoint of animal intelligence

11- Monotheism from the viewpoint of development of foetus

12- The reasons of monotheism from viewpoint of nature


The book was published in 1974 in Tehran – Iran.


The manner of theism


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