The Theology of Pilgrimage

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This book is written by the great scholar, Fakhr Razi, on visiting the holy shrines of the religious chiefs. It is written in Arabic and translated into Persian by “Ahmad Abedi”.

The author
Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Umar Ibn Hossein Tabaristani Razi, also known as "Imam Fakhr", Ibn al –Khatib" ,"Fakhr Razi" and also "Imam al- Mushakkekin" (because he doubted about most of the philosophical subjects), a famous Iranian Sunni theologian ####and philosopher. He was born in 1149 in Ray –Iran and died in 1209. He studied jurisprudence and Kalam and other Islamic sciences under his father and then studied under Majduddin Jili. He wrote on medicine, astrology, physics, literature, history and law. Fakhr Razi was from "Shafi'i" of Islamic law. Razi's most major work is "The keys to the unknown" (his exegesis on the Quran) and his most important philosophical work is "Eastern discussions".

Structure of the book:
It includes four chapters as following:
1- On proving the speech soul (Nafs-e Nateqeh)
2- On the soul which is aware of the details
3- On eternity of the soul after body’s death
4- On the advantages of visiting the cemeteries
5- Translation of the treatise
6- Fakhr Razi and his works
7- The importance of this treatise
8- Visiting the cemeteries, according to the Quranic verses and Prophetic traditions
9- Visiting the cemeteries in the view of the philosophers: Aristotle, Avicenna, Suhrawardi, Muhammad Ghazali, Heydar Amoli, Mir Damad, Mullah Sadra, Mullah Hadi Sabzewari and Ayatollah Khomeini.


The Theology of Pilgrimage


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