A collection of beliefs, the necessities of Islam’s true religion and Imamism rightful religion

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This book is one of the Allame Mohammad Bagher Majlesi’s works and writings that has been written in Persian. The author has written this book by the request of one of the seminarians in Mashhad. Allame Majlesi has paid special attention to this book and has mentioned by name it, in “written permissions” (written permission means: permission of quoting the tradition) that has written to his students after authoring this book. Also in his Will he has mentioned it. This book also has been translated in to the Urdu and Azary Turkish. ####

The author’s biography:
Alläme Mollä Mohammad Bägher Majlesi was born in Isfehän’s Där Al-Saltaneh. His birth occurred in an educated family and in the time of Mir Dämäd’s “authority” (maja’iyat), the famous “jurisconsult”(faghih) and philosopher. Alläme Majlesi has been the most famous scholar, jurisconsult, famous “traditionist”(mohadeth), Imamism shi’a, Isfahan’s “Sheykh Al-Islam”(a high religious dignitary) and excel of Isfahan’s scholars in the middle of the second half of the eleventh century A.H. and in the first ten years of the twelfth century. Alläme was the third son of Mollä Mohammad Taghi Majlesi who was also one of the glories of shi’a scholars. In the end of Saffavid government, with great perseverance and patience, through compiling and composing of books, teaching Islamic sciences, educating many students and managing the religious affairs of shiisms in his time, succeed to serve so positively to the Iran’s shia and Muslim people that not any clergyman has had such success.

His most valuable works:
1- “Haqq Al-yaqeen”(reality of certainty) on beliefs
2- “Eyn Al-Hayät”(essence of life) on ethics
3- Heliyat Al-Mutaqin on rules of injunctions
4- Hayät Al-Qolub on history of prophets
5- Jalal Al-Oyun on history of Innocent Ones (p.b.u.th.).

Most of his studies, in the field of religious sciences, was in the presence of his father and other his masters are as follows:
-Mollä Muhammad Saleh Mäzandaräni who was his brother-in –law
-Mollä Hassan-Ali Shushtari
-Mirza Rafi’ Al-din Tabätabäi Näini
-Sheikh Abdollah Ibn sheikh Jäber Ameli
-Mollä Mohsen Feyz Käshäni
-Seyyed Mirzä Jazäyeri, etc.

His students:
1-Seyyed Ne’mat Allah Jazäyeri
2- Mir Mohammad-Saleh Khätun Äbädi
3- Haj Mohammad Ardebili
4- Mir Mohammad-Hossein Khätun Äbädi
5- Mollä Mohammad Majlesi (Alläme’s cousin), etc

Alläme Majlesi had two wives. From the first wife he had one son and two daughters and from the second wife he had one son and one daughter. It has been said that Alläme also had the third wife that from her he had two sons and two daughters. He died in his city (Isfahan) in 1699.Mar.29A.D. (1110.Ramadän.27A.H.). He was buried by Jäme mosque, his activity place and near his house, next to his great scholar father (Mollä Mohammad Taghi Majlesi). His tomb is by the Isfahan Jame’ mosque.

The book structure:
- preface
1- part one: principles of faith
2- part two: scientific guides

Translator’s notes: Sufism’s bibliography, beliefs bibliography, Allame Majlesi’s will, translating the Allame’s will, Allame Majlesi’s bibliography.


A collection of beliefs, the necessities of Islam’s true religion and Imamism rightful religion by Allame Mohammad Bagher Majlesi


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