The six Canonical collections of traditions

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“The six Canonical collections of traditions” (sehah Seta)   refers to the six great collections of Hadiths (Prophetic traditions) in Sunni religion.

All the six authors of this book are Iranian or have race.


The six canonical collections are as follows:

1. “Sahih of Bukhari” composed by Muhammad Ibn Ismail Bukhari. Famous traditionst (810 -870) Sahih includes over 7000 traditions derived from 600/000 prophetic Traditions during 16 years.

The book also includes the chapters as:

- Beginning of creation

- Hell and paradise

- Prophets

- The prophet Muhammad

-Exegesis of the Noble Koran

Sahih is known as the most valid and reliable book among Sunnis.

The book has been published many times in Europe and India, and many annotations and explanations have been written on it.

2. Sahih of Muslim, composed by Muslim Ibn Hajjaj  Neishaboari , one of  the outstanding early collectors of prophetic traditions (817-875). According to the consensus of Sunni Muslin tradition experts, his collection from together with the Sahih of Bukhari Sahih   of Muslim includes 7000-12000 prophetic traditions.

The book was published in Egypt, Turkey and India, and many explanations composed on.

3. Sunan (Traditions) of Abu Dawud, composed by Abu Dawud Sajestani, famous transmitter of traditions of the prophet (817-889).

He is said to have submitted work to “Ahmad Ibn Hanbal” who gave it his approval. 

The book includes 4800 Traditions, and was published in Egypt.

4. Sunnan of Tarmezi, composed by Abu Isa Muhammad Tarmezi, (d.892) he travelled widely in order to collect traditions which are brought together in the work which made  him famous .

Nearly one half is devoted to such subjects as dogmatic theology, popular beliefs, devotion, manners and education and hagiography.

The book was published in Egypt and Turkey.

5. Sunan of Nesaee, composed by Abu Abal al- Rahman Ali Nesaee , famous sunni traditionist.

6. Sunan of Ibn Maja. Composed by Abu Abdullah Ibn Maja (824-887) author of the six canonical collections Traditions

His work contains some 4000 traditions in about 150 chapters.

It was criticized because many of them are weak.





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