Miracle Does Not Accept Evasion

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Tafreh (evasion) means moving from a beginning to an ending but not traveling the path between the beginning and ending (resurrection). Evasion never happens in miracle and the path between the beginning and ending will be definitely traveled. It is said in the Holy Koran about Jesus the Prophet: “So you created something out of clay looking like a bird with My permission; you breathed into it, and by My permission it became a bird!” (The Table / Maedeh. 110) In this holy verse, the evasion dose not occur, it means, making a bird by Jesus ####was an extraordinary affair which was done by God’s permission. Therefore in prophets’ miracles there is a reason and all events happen based on means and reasons but people do not observe the reasons and means of miracles and think there is no reason at all.


topical exegesis of the Koran


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