The Difference Between Prophets’ Miracles

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The prophets’ miracles are so diverse; the miracles depended on the specific time and place where the prophets could have the greatest effect. The Koran is known as the greatest miracle of Muhammad the Prophet, for three reasons:

Firstly, the Prophet is the last prophet, therefore he should have an eternal miracle, in order not to become archaic by passing time.

Secondly, the Prophet is illiterate, and performing such a miracle is the highest point of a miracle.

Thirdly, the low level of thought in Arabs and the high contents of the Koran, is an obvious sign.
In time of Jahiliya (Arabic term which refers to the state of affairs in Arabia before the mission of the Prophet. In general it has connotation of ignorance and paganism), Arabic literature was at the highest level (against their thought and beliefs) and there were celebrated poets and writers, but these celebrities genuflected to the eloquence of the Koran. It shows the greatness of this miracle.

Solomon the Prophet could conquer the winds and evils and also understand the language of birds which was fitted with his realm.
The extent of magic, in time of Moses, and development of medicine in time of Jesus, necessitated doing such miracles, in order to defeat the most developed sciences of their time.
Changing the snake to a stick, was the miracle which performed by Moses the Prophet; and curing the blinds was the miracle of Jesus.
Therefore the prophets’ miracles depended on the conditions of their societies.


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