Why Miracle is Exclusive to the Prophets?

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Human nature is created in a way that is obedient to extraordinary invincible affairs. Of course there are some who do not accept even the most certain facts; because of their hostility towards these facts. But it is against human nature.
It is because of the prophets’ miracles that most of the people all over the world, know God and the divine prophets and revelation.
If it was supposed that miracle was performed by pretenders to prophecy, it would be against God’s wisdom.

On the necessity of revelation and prophecy, Imam Sadeq (the sixth Shia Imam) says: “Because God is Wise, He dose not leave His servants in the state of being lost; He sends the prophets to them, which the divine miracles are with them. Therefore if a non-prophet could perform a miracle, it would be against the Divine Wisdom”.

According to this view, the divine miracles are unique in all the period of times. Of course there are some who do magic works but they will not reach to God: “We have accepted them as missiles directed towards the devils” [Control (Molk)/ 5].
The one who dose miracle, gets help from a secret source, means the invisible source (God). Therefore it would not be possible for ordinary people to make miracle, because performing a miracle needs a holy spirit which is obtained by refining the soul.

According to the Koran, miracle and inspiration do not belong only to prophets

Prophecy does not mean having a miracle, because in the Koran, miracle is attributed to some who are not prophets.
According to the Koran, inspiration and miracle both could belong either to prophets or non-prophets.

Mary (Jesus’ mother) was not a prophet, but inspirations and miracles are attributed to her, in a way that Zachariah the Prophet wondered: “Every time Zachariah entered the shrine to see Mary, he founded she had already been supplied with food. He said: “Mary! How can this be meant for you?” “It is from God” [The House of Imraan (Aal-e Emraan)/ 37.
But the prophets are generally different from others.


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