The conditions of prophets’ miracle

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All the prophets have to have miracles in order to prove their claim (they are sent from God). Prophets are not supposed to do whatever people request, they perform miracle to a certain extent that their prophecy is proved.

According to some of the Koranic verse, people asked the Prophet to do more miracles; they just invented pretext:

They say: “we will never believe in you unless you cause a spring to gush forth from the earth for us, or have a garden full of date palms and grapevines and make rivers gush forth plentifully through the midst of them, or you cause the sky to fall in pieces on us as just you claim bring God and His angels to vouch for you, or you have a luxurious house built or soar up into the sky; we will never believe in your climbing up there until you bring down a book for us to read. Say: “Glory be to my Lord!” Am I anything but a human messenger?” [The Night Journey. 90 – 93]

But the Prophet did not accept their unreasonable and illogical request. Unfortunately some orientalists and Islamists writers believe that these Koranic verses indicate that the Prophet did not have more miracles.

Miracle shows the high spiritual perfection of prophets. When they do miracle their human power is linked to Divine Power, means they are granted superhuman power.


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