Some of false traditions on marriage of Fatima (the Prophet’s daughter)

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Some of false traditions on marriage of Fatima (the Prophet’s daughter)

According to “Halabi Tradition”, when Imam Ali proposed to Fatima, the Holy Prophet asked Fatima’s opinion; Fatima started crying and said to his father: “my father, you are behaving abjectly towards me just on behalf of the poor man of the Quraysh!”
Then the Prophet said: “I did not express any ideas about this subject, just God told me what to do”.
Therefore Fatima said: “I am satisfied with what God and His messenger are pleased with.

The critique:
Halabi Tradition does not mention any documents and this is the greatest problem. It also includes insult and slander towards Fatima; it shows that Fatima was suspicious of her father.
Another problem of this tradition is, who can prove that Ali was the poorest person in Quraysh?
And moreover it is absolutely unlikely that Prophet’s daughter said such a phrase to her father. Fatima was not such a woman at all.
She backed bread on her own, and gave her necklace to a poor man. As a result it seems totally unlikely that wealth was too important to her.

The following is the true tradition:
Four day passed marriage of Ali and Fatima, the Prophet asked his daughter: “how are you my darling? How is your husband?” Fatima answered: “my dear father! Ali is a good husband, but the only thing which makes me upset is that the Quraysh women say to me: you married a poor man.

The Holy Prophet told her: “my daughter neither your father nor your husband is poor”. Then the Prophet told Fatima about high characteristics of Imam Ali.

2- It is said that on the wedding night of Imam Ali and Fatima; Othman (the 3rd caliph) saw the Imam in bazaar, selling his armour. Othman gave 400 dirham to a slave and sent him to buy the armour and told him not to tell anything to the Imam that he was sent by Othman; he also gave back the armour to the Imam.
Tomorrow morning when Othman woke up, he saw 400 pouches which in each there was 400 dirham and on each pouch was written: these coins are made by God for Othman. Then Othman described this event for the Holy Prophet and he said to Othman: “enjoy it Othman!”

The critique
This tradition is also absolutely wrong and a great lie!

3- It is aid that Fatima married at the age of 15.
But it is wrong, because considering the year of her birth, she was 9 years old when she married.
May be some historians intended to hide “Ayesheh’s” age in time of her marriage (one of the wives of the Prophet) because when Ayesheh married the Prophet, her age was more than the usual age at that time.
According to these historian when Fatima died she was 30 or 35 years old; but this is also wrong, when she died she was only 18 years old.

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