The features of Islamic outlook

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The features of Islamic outlook

The essence of the world is from God; moreover the world is a changeable fact, means it is constantly changing.
The facts in this world actually are lower than the facts in the Unseen World. What is created as a restricted and affair, exists as a treasure in the Unseen World.
This world's essence is also created in a way which has a tendency towards the Creator.
The Road to God, who owns whatever is in Heaven and whatever is on Earth. Matters all end up with God. (42/53)
It lies up to your Lord to set it. (79/44)
The system of creation is based on the Cause and the Effect and these two have spiritual aspects and there is no contradiction between them.
The world is a guided fact and it perfection is a guided perfection.
He said: "Our Lord is the One Who has given everything its own constitution; then guided it". (20/50)
The world is the place of both, action and reaction, means not only in the other world we will be aware of the rewards and punishment of our deeds done in this world, but also in this world we will see the result.
Offering thanks and ingratitude are not the same to God:
If you act grateful, I shall give you even more, while if you are thankless, then My torment will be served. (14/7)
Human's soul is an eternal fact. Not only in the Day of Judgment will be appear alive but also in the purgatory (the distance between this world and the Resurrection) they have a kind of life called purgatory life which is stronger and more perfect than the life in this world. There are approximately twenty Koranic verses which indicate human's life and the body is decomposing, between the time of death and the Resurrection.
- The initial principles of life, means the human and ethical principles are eternal and fixed, just the miner points are changeable and proportional.
- Truth is also eternal, it means what is wrong, will be always wrong and what is true will be always all are the truth.
We have only created Heaven and Earth, and whatever lies between them for the Truth. (46/3)
Our word has already gone on ahead to Our servants who were sent forth;
They will be indeed supported
Our army will be victorious over them! (37/171-173)
- All humans have been created equally; no one is higher than other humans unless in observing these three factors:
Knowledge: are those who know, to be considered equal to those who do not know? (39/9)

Jihad: God shows preference to those who strive with their property and persons through higher rank, than with those who just sit around; for each, God has promised handsome things, yet God shows preference to strivers with a better wage over those who stay at home. (4/95)

Virtue and chastity: the noblest among you with God is that one of you who best performs his duty. (49/13)

- Based on the principles of creation, human being has innate talents (i.e. religious and moral nature) and with the help of their human innate, they can have a unique culture and ideology, and also can revolt against anything which is not satisfied with.
- Everyone is innately created human, and all humans have the ability to repent. Based on this fact, all prophets first were supposed to advise the enemies, if it was not effective, then they fought against them.
Say: would you care to be purified
And for me to guide you to your Lord so you may learn to dread Him (79/13,14)

- Human being has free will
God does not change what any people may have until they change whatever themselves have. (13/ 11)

- The Almighty as the Creator of the Creation innately do not need any one. He is the Perfect, His Attributes are the same as His Essence. The world is totally the symbol of His Will.

References: revelation and prophecy (by M. Motahhari)

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