Sorts of freedom in Islamic thought

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Sorts of freedom in Islamic thought

Freedom in Islam refers to inner freedom but first the outer freedom should be fulfilled. Islam accepts freedom of thought and rejects freedom of belief.
In Islamic society, inner freedom is considered. It refers to social and individual evolution but outer freedom spiritually develops the society.

Sorts of freedom in Islamic thought
- Freedom of belief
Freedom of belief could be considered in two ways: 1- belief as faith. 2- Freedom of belief as existence of different beliefs and outlook in religion
The difference between freedom of belief and freedom of thought is: freedom of belief refers to religion and faith; and freedom of thought considers different accepts of life: beliefs, political and social.

According to great Iranian thinker, "Motahhari's view, Islam confirms freedom of thought and rejects freedom of belief. He believes that never should impose beliefs, there is no force in religion (as it is said in the Koran) but it does not mean to follow any kinds of belief.
According to the Koranic verses, we should not confirm wrong beliefs but they should be changed accurately, religion could not be developed by force.

- Freedom of thought
Thinking and freedom of thought have a great value in Islam.
Is freedom of thought accepted without any limitation in Islam? Thinking includes a wide range of aspects, human can think about any subjects, such as: politics, metaphysics, culture, etc.
If we consider thinking as an inner aspect, there is not any limitation for it, it means human's thought innately has no limitation. Therefore when freedom of thought is considered, it comes with freedom of speech. They are never separated.
In Islam freedom of thought includes believing in God, politics and government in Islamic societies.
On believing in God, there are different philosophical, theosophical and juridical views which each of them emphasize a specific aspect of the faith, but all try achieving the reality of the faith. The common aspect of all of these views is freedom of thought and to not believe in a specific concept of God.

There is freedom of thought as well, if we believe that Islam accepts only a particular form of government and rejects the other forms, then freedom of thought will make no sense.

- Freedom of speech
Freedom of thought without freedom of speech has no sense.
Freedom of thought refers to evaluating and criticizing different ideas and thoughts in societies without government's interference.
Freedom of speech includes a wide area as well as freedom of thought and every one in society can express their ideas, concerning legal limitations.
Islam attaches great importance to freedom of speech in society and also its effect on human perfection.

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