The second voyage of the Prophet to Syria and his marriage to Khadija

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The second voyage of the Prophet to Syria and his marriage to Khadija

When the Prophet was 25, his paternal uncle, Abu Talib, told him: "I like to make you marry but I do not have enough money or possessions. Khadija is one of our relatives, every year she sends one of the Qurayshs with her properties and also her slave to trade and the Qurayshi will earn an amount of profit. If you want to engage in commerce, I can talk to her." Then Abu Talib went to Khadija and told her about the Prophet and asked her to pay the Prophet a determined wage as much Abu Talib had suggested.
Khadija knew the Prophet perfectly well and also was deeply interested in him, therefore she accepted and granted him, her properties with her slave to trade.
It is said that Khadija delivered twofold profit to him.

In this voyage they made an enormous profit, Khadija's slave told the Prophet to inform Khadija of the profit. The Prophet went to Khadija and told her about the commerce and also the profit. Then Khadija told him to go and say to Abu Talib to come to her, and she sent a messenger to her cousin, "Warqat Ibn Nofel" and told him to tell her uncle when she and the Prophet's relatives came to him, he was supposed to make her marry to Muhammad.
Then Abu Talib, the Prophet and Khadija and also some of Qurayshs went to Ibn Nofel, and Abu Talib proposed to Khadija for Muhammad. Then Khadija asked the Prophet that her portion to be paid by herself. Abu Talib gave a great banquet for their marriage.
There are different traditions on Khadija's age in time of marriage. Some historians say she was 28 and some others believe she was 40 years old. But the age of 40 is more trustworthy.

Was Khadija a widow?
There are different traditions on the marriage of Khadija before marrying to the Prophet.
The historian, Ibn Husham, states that before getting married to Muhammad, Khadija was the wofe of "Abi Haleh" and she had two daughters of him: "Zeinab" and "Hind"; and before him was married to "Atiq Ibn Abd" and had two children of him as well.
The historians: Ibn Shahr Ashub, Tabari, Dulabi , etc. are those who believe that Khadija had married before getting married to the Prophet.

But the historians, Abul Hasan Bakri, Balathuri and some others confirm that Khadija was virgin when she got married to the Prophet.
We can not reject or accept any of these two viewpoints because there are presented by great famous historians.

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