The characteristics of Islam

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The characteristics of Islam

Islam is the name of God's religion which is unique and all the prophets were supposed to invite people to this religion.
The perfect and comprehensive form of God's religion was communicated to people by the Prophet and then prophecy ended.

Islam as a comprehensive religion which is supposed to guide human, has particular characteristics which are only appropriate for "Khatmiya" (the period of time when the Prophet arrived). The characteristics could not exist in the previous periods.
Every one of these characteristics acts as criterion for knowing Islam.

Each school of thought presents a series of values and beliefs, such as: human should be free and live freely as well, should be brave and courageous; the society should be built based on justice.
Each school relies upon a special kind of philosophy and world view about human being, universe and society.
World view is a collection of insight, commentaries and analyses about the world, society and human. The whys in each ideology or school are hidden in the world view of the ideology.
Ideology is "theoretical philosophy" and world view is "practical philosophy".
Any particular kind of practical philosophy is based on a particular kind of theoretical philosophy. For example, the practical philosophy of Socrates is based upon his view on the world which is the same as his theoretical philosophy.

The ideology of each school relies on its world view and the world view relies on its theory about knowledge. The promotion of each ideology depends on the promotion of its world view and the promotion of the world view relies on the promotion of the epistemology of the ideology.
In fact the practical philosophy of each school depends on its theoretical philosophy and the theoretical philosophy relies on the logic of the ideology.
Therefore in any school of thought, first the logic should be determined.

Although Islam is not a philosophical school and does not express its principles in a philosophical way, it has a particular kind of expression which could be understood by all people from different classes.

The ideology of Islam acts as a school of thought, its universal insight as a theoretical philosophy, and the views on knowledge and epistemology act as the principles of logic.

Revelation and prophecy

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