Comparison of the conception of God in Islam and Christianity (2)

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Comparison of the conception of God in Islam and Christianity (2)

Knowing God and the immaculate aspect of theism from the viewpoint of Christian scholars

1- Yuhana Dameshqi: great Christian theologian (675-749). He divides Gods' features into three categories:
a- the features which are comprehended by us but we are not able to explain
b- the features which could be both comprehended and explained by humans
c- the features which could be neither comprehended nor explained (the features related to Divine Essence)

2- Thomas Aquinas: celebrated Italian philosopher. According to him, neither a catholic nor an irreligious is able to know exactly the essence of God, but each of them knew Him based upon their concept of causality and His immaculate aspect.
We have a limited knowledge on God, therefore our talk about Him is limited as well. We talk about Him based upon our limited knowledge and thought. God is superior, we should not describe Him with human concepts.

3- Paul Tillich: theologian protestant (1886-1965). He believes we should symbolically talk about God; God is "the Existence", this is the only non-symbolic phrase which could be said about Him; god is not Existence but He is an Existential Power which exists in all the creatures.

Knowing God and the immaculate aspect of God in Islamic traditions

They have set up sprites as associates with God, even though He created them! They have even dared to impute sons and daughters to Him without having any knowledge. Glory be to Him; Exalted is He over whatever they describe! (6/100)

Glory be to the Lord of Heaven and Earth, Lord of the Throne, ahead of what they ascribe to Him! (43/82)

Glory be to your Lord, the Lord of Grandeur, beyond what they describe! (37/180)

Glory be to God over whatever they describe (37/159)

God has not adopted any son nor is there any other deity alongside Him, otherwise each god would carry off whatever it has created and some of them would gain the upper hand over others. Glory be to God beyond what they describe! (23/91)

If there were other gods in either Heaven or Earth besides God Alone, they would both dissolve in chaos. Glory be to God, Lord of the Throne, beyond what they describe! (21/22)

Ali Ibn Abi Taleb's view

The beginning of religion is to know God, the high of knowledge of God (of God) is to confirm Him, the high of confirming His Essence is to testify that He is Unique.
The high monotheism is sincerity, and the high of sincerity is not to describe Him, because whoever describes Him, actually considers different natures for Him.

The way of knowing God in Christianity

Christianity emphasizes to know God by "spiritual contemplation" (Mokashefeh), it refers to the act by which God makes Himself appear and transfer the truth to human's mind.
There are two kinds of spiritual contemplations:
1- The general contemplation which could be seen in the nature and history, it is transferred to humans by natural factors and historical events. This kind of spiritual contemplation can be comprehended by all the wise people.

2- the particular spiritual contemplation which refers to particular acts of God, such as: His miracles, sending the prophets, the acts of Jesus, the Gospel, and personal experiences. According to Christians' view, Jesus is the centre of history and spiritual contemplation.

The way of knowing God in Islam

According to Islam and Islamist scholars, "the existence of contemplation and thinking", is the beginning of knowing God:

Say: "travel around the earth and see how He began with creation; later on God raises up fresh growth. God is Capable of everything. (29/20)

Have they not reflected about themselves? God has only created Heaven and Earth and whatever lies in between them for the Truth and till a specific deadline. Yet many men disbelieve about meeting their lord. (30/8)

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