The disappearance of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) during his childhood

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The disappearance of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) during his childhood
When the Prophet Muhammad’s suckling period was finished, Halime Sadiye set out to return him to his mother but on the way, she lost him but she could not find Muhammad (pbuh) wherever she looked for him.
So, Abd al Muttalib is informed of this issue. In this regard there is also a narration that accordingly, Halime herself goes to Abd al Muttalib and says: “Last night I came to Mecca with Muhammad (pbuh) but when we reached the heights of this town I lost him and I swear to God that I do not know where he is now.”
According to another narration, Halime came to Aminah and said to her that she had lost the Prophet Muhammad. Then, Abd al Muttalib was informed of it and said to the people: “O people of Bani Hashim and Bani Qalib, ride your horses because Muhammad has been lost.”
Then Abd al Muttalib swears to God that he will not stop riding his horse and looking for Muhammad (pbuh) until he finds him or kills thousands of Arab people and hundreds of Quraish people. Then he circumambulates the Kaaba and recites some poetries with the following contents: “O my God! Return to me, my rider Muhammad, and return him to me and bestow upon me your blessing.
O My God, if I cannot find Muhammad, the Quraish tribe will be dispersed. (It means that I will disperse them)
After reciting these poetries, Abd al Muttalib utters the pure sentence of _ there is no power but in God the High, the Great _ and sets out. At this moment he hears the voice of an Angel who says from the heaven: “O people! Verily Muhammad has a God who will not humiliate him. Abd al Muttalib asks: “Where is Muhammad?” The voice says: “At that desert and under the thorny tree”
When Abd al Muttalib and his followers set out and reached that desert, they saw that Muhammad (pbuh) was miraculously picking date from the thorny tree. They also saw that two young man were standing next to the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and when they approached him these two young people who seemed to be Michael and Gabriel left there.
When they got to the prophet, they asked him “Who are you?” he replied: “I am the son of Abd Allah ibn Abd al Muttalib”. At that moment they get him on the horse and returned him to Mecca. Then, he took the prophet to the Kaaba and with him, he circumambulated the Kaaba seven times. Then, Abd al Muttalib took the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to his mother, Aminah (s.a). At that time the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was two years old.
Apparently this story is related to the first time that the prophet was taken to his mother Aminah (s.a) because according to the history when the Prophet Muhammad’s suckling period was finished, Halime returned him to his mother but since Halime strongly insisted on caring for him, Aminah (s.a) accepted to return the prophet again to her.
Later on, at the age four or five, when he is taken again to his mother Aminah (s.a) he stayed with his mother Aminah until she passed away. Although it is believed that this story was taken placed when the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was two years old and only after the first time he had been taken to his mother. Accordingly it has been narrated from Halime who said: “At the age of two and when the Prophet Muhammad’s suckling period was finished, I returned him to his mother, however at the same time I was so interested to care for him due to his blessing and his mother accepted my request and allowed me to care for him.” Halime then said: “After a few months of staying with me, I returned him again to his mother. His mother said: “Why did you return him to me despite the fact that you were highly interested in caring him?” I said to her: “My children have grown up and I fulfilled my duty (towards him which was fostering this child for two years) and I feared that he might come to harm and in addition you desired to return him to you.”
Aminah (s.a) said: “Were you afraid that Satan dominate him (and harm him)?” I replied: “Yes, I was”. She said: “Never, I swear to God that there is no way for Satan to influence him and verily my son has a high status” Aren’t you willing to be informed of (his dignity)? I said: “Yes, please inform me.” She said: “while I was delivering him, I saw a light came out of me and brightened the palace of Basra …
In the next section, we are going to discuss the events which caused Halime to become concerned about the death of the Prophet of Allah (pbuh) as well as the causes of these events”
If Allah wills,


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Sirat Ibn Hisham

ShaykhAbbas Qumi Muntaha al-amal


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