The place of woman in the Islamic world view

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The place of woman in the Islamic world view

The Noble Koran is not only a collection of rigid and stringent rules; history, law, the commentary of creation and many other subjects all are mentioned in the Koran.
The Koran is not a philosophical book but it expresses firmly its views on the world, human being and society as the three subjects of philosophy.
It gives us both rules and interprets the universe. The creation of man and woman is one of the subjects which is fully interpreted in the Koran.

The nature of man and woman in the Koran
For viewing the viewpoint of the Koran on the creation of man and woman, first it is necessary to take notice of the nature of these two sexes in the Divine Books.

In the Koran it is firmly confirmed that men and women are created of the same nature:
Mankind, heed your Lord Who has created you from a single soul and created its mate from it, and propagated so many men and Women from them both. Heed God through Whom you hold one another responsible, as well as any ties of kinship. God is watching over you. (4/1)

And also in other chapters: "Rome" and "The house of Imraan".
In some of the divine books, woman is considered as a vile creature; it is believed that she has been created of a vile base!
It is said that "Eve" (Adam's wife) was created of one of the organs of the left part of Adam's body!

There have been many humiliating views woman: she was considered as the element of sins! Her nature is all evil and temptation! She is the little Satan! It was believed always there was a woman on the backstage of any sin committed by men! And men are innately innocent.
All the time women lead men to commit crime.
It was said that Satan never directly deceives man, it tempts woman and then she tempts man! Adam the Prophet was deceived by his wife! Satan first deceived Eve and then she deceived Adam!
In the Koran it is not declared that Satan first deceived Eve and she deceived her husband; it is confirmed that they were both deceived by Satan.

The spiritual talents of woman according to the Koran
One of the other humiliating views about women is to consider their spiritual talents they can never reach the spiritual and divine ranks and as a result they will never enter Paradise!
But in the Koran it is highly confirmed that divine reward belongs to both men and women and it depends only on human's deeds and faith not the sex.
In the Koran any great and sacred man is noticed with a great and sacred woman.
Adam's and Abraham's wives, Jesus and Moses' mothers and Asiya (Pharaoh's wife) are greatly noticed in the Koran.
There is also the opposite; the wives of Noah and Lut the Prophets are concerned as bad women in the Koran.

There is another humiliating view about woman is, she is created for man. This view is totally rejected in Islam. In Islam it is confirmed that the earth, the sky, the planets, animals and everything in the world have been created for human but it is never said woman is created for man. Islam believes that man and woman are created for each other.

Another wrong view about woman is, in the view of man, woman was considered as an evil. In spite of taking disadvantages of woman by man, he considers her as the cause of misery!
But the Koran highly confirms that, woman is all the good and peace for man.

The system of woman's rights in Islam (by M. Motahhari)

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