The philosophy of existence of truth and falsehood in the Creation

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The philosophy of existence of truth and falsehood in the Creation

Truth and falsehood are the most important subjects in the worldview.
Is the Creation truth or false? Is everything located in own place in the Creation?

There are different views: according to some philosophers and most of materialists the world has been created without any aim! But theologians and the divine scholars believe in the existence of truth in the world:
Who makes everything He creates so fine! (32/7)
Our Lord is the One Who has given everything its own constitution, then guided it. (20/50)

There is also another view which confirms there is both truth and falsehood in the world, in general the world is the composition of the good and evil which indicates there had been duality in the origin of the universe because it is impossible that all the world has originated the same source at the same time.

In divine philosophy the universe is all good and truth and there is no evil. This grade of the world is God's essence in which there is neither existence nor non-existence but the creatures which have originated Him have existential weakness. Therefore the Creation is all good and there is non-existence and falsehood.

According to divine philosophy, everything in the world exists in the phrase: "In the Name of God, the Merci-giving, the Merciful" means the Creation appears with God, the merci-giving and the merciful.
Based upon this view there is two aspects in the world: 1. from Him 2. towards Him
From Him, is the merci-giving aspect and towards Him indicates the merciful aspect of God.
God has also other attributes but all of them are originated these two.

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