The secret of Divine trials

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The secret of Divine trials

There is no absolute evil in the world; all the evils have a good conclusion at the end.

Divine trial may seem evil but it is naturally good. When there is no divine trial, everything seems good; the society and people; may there are people who seem better than others and we respect them more but when the trial occurs, everything will change and we will be able to distinguish the people much better.

"There will tribulations for you (in society) which make you sift out and separate from each other, like the seeds in sieve; when we shake them, the seeds will be separated. The divine trial acts like the sieve." (The Peak of Eloquence, the sermon 16)

Your wealth and your children are simply a [means of] testing [you] (64/15)

The term "bad" (in Arabic Fetnah) is the same as Divine trial, because it makes us occupied with, that is why it refers to Divine trial:
We will test you (all) with something bad and something good as a trial; then to Us will be returned. (21/35)

God tests His servants to present them an ultimatum or to make appear their natural talents:
The One Who created death and life, so he may test which of you is finest in action. (67/2)

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