How a believer's soul becomes true by the Koran's truths

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How a believer's soul becomes true by the Koran's truths

Human is composed of a body and a soul. As our body needs to be fed, our soul should be fed as well.
When human soul is fed by worship, prayer, meditation and divine knowledge, human will achieve the superior position of faith and they will understand all the mysteries in the Creation, means everything hidden (truths) in the Creation will be shown to them by God.
The fact of the Koran is not the texts but it is the meaning and conception:
Rather it exists as clear signs in the breasts of those who have been given knowledge. (29/49)

As a result the faith and belief make alive the believer's soul, and the facts and truths in the Koran penetrate through their heart. Therefore their soul becomes the Koran.
It is noticed in Hadiths believer deserves higher respect than the Koran and ka'ba.

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