Some of the verbal and intellectual misquotations about (the events in) Karbala

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Some of the verbal and intellectual misquotations about (the events in) Karbala

Generally people are interested in telling made-up stories about famous persons and great events.

About the events in Karbala, there are many false stories, some of them as follows:

1- the story about a lion in Karbala which arrived there at night; it is believed that it was "Ali Ibn Abi Taleb"!
2- about the marriage ceremony of "Qasem" (son Imam Hasan Mojtaba)
3- about the Jewish girl who was paralyzed and was cured by a drop of blood of Imam which was given by a hen!
4- The false story about one of little daughter of Imam Hossein (Roqayeh) who missed his father, then the Imam's cut head was shown to her and she died (in Syria)
5- About the number of "Omar Sa'd's army, it is said they were over eight hundred thousand persons
6- Begging the enemy for offering water by the Imam and his family and the companions
7- About a child whose neck was fastened and was pulled by a horseman, and then she/he choked to death

And many other false stories which are told by the preachers and those who recite eulogies for Imam Hossein, in order to make people cry over the Imam.

The intellectual misquotations

a- It is believed that Karbala (the Imam's uprising) was an exceptional event and also a confidential order!

b- Imam Hossein sacrificed himself for the sins of Muslims! This beliefs is undoubtedly inferred from a Christian belief (Christians believe Jesus was killed in order that their sins can be forgiven!)
this belief lead the Imam to be metamorphosed.

c- it is said the Imam had three kinds of martyrdom: martyrdom of the body, martyrdom of the name and martyrdom of the aim!

d- it is believed that crying over Imam Hossein eliminates all the sins! That is why some people commit many deadly grave sins but they believe when they mourn the Imam, their sins all will be forgiven! and moreover they will not go to the hell!! Because of crying over the Imam!

Unfortunately the preachers also try to make people cry with the help of telling them false stories.

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