The first and the last arrow shot in the battle of Karbala

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The first and the last arrow shot in the battle of Karbala

On Ashura most of the companions had been martyred on the noon.
The seventy two persons (of the Imam's companions) were arranged on the right, left and the middle of the army.
"Zahir Ibn Qin" was appointed as the commander of the right hand and "Habib Ibn Mazaher" as the commander of the left hand of the army. The flag also was held by "Abbas Ibn Ali" (the Imam Hossein's brother).

First the companions asked the Imam to start the fight but he said: "we will not fight until the enemy start".
"Ibn Ziyad" –the commander of Kufa"- had promised "Omar Sa'd" (the commander of the enemies) to appoint him as the ruler of Ray, if he killed Imam Hossein.
"Omar Sa'd" hesitated to fight, hew wanted to rule over Ray but did not like to kill the Imam, therefore he wrote many letters to "Ibn Ziyad" in order to prevent from fighting, but "Ibn Ziyad" did not accept and him angrily if he does not fight, Ibn Ziyad will appoint some one else instead.

Finally Omar Sa'd started fighting, he was the first person who shot an arrow at the Imam's tents, in order to make "Ibn Ziyad" satisfied, then announced proudly that he was the first one who shot the arrow at the Imam and asked the people to inform Ibn Ziyad!

The last arrow was a three-pointed arrow shot at the holy breast of Imam Hossein.

Although many of the companions had been martyred, the rest fought bravely against the enemies. In the hand to hand combat, many of the enemies were killed.
The Imam's companions were victorious with the help of their faith and belief.

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