A glimpse into Islamic teachings

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“A glimpse into Islamic teachings” is the name of an Arabic work (Men Tawjihat al- Islam) by the Egyptian scholar “Sheikh Mahmoud Shaltut”


The author

Imam Mahmoud, great Egyptian scholar, researcher, jurisconsult, commentator and lexicographer; was born in 1893 in one of the villages of Egypt.
After death of his father, he was briught up by his (paternal) uncle. He went to school and learnt the Quran by heart in a short time. In 1906, he went to religious university (Eskandarieh) and graduated in 1918. At the age of 25, he became the master of this university.
In 1919, he participated in “Egypt revolution” which was guided by “Sa’d Zoqlul”.
In 1928, he was appointed as the master of upper courses in “al-Az har university” by “Mustafa Almaraqi” (the chancellor of the university). In 1930, he became the master of specialized courses . In 1935 he was invited to teach at “Shari’at university” and again “Almaraqi” appointed him as the chancellor of this university.
Shaltut was chosen for international conference of Hague, representing the university, which was held in Holland.
He had the following posts, up to 1957:
The director general of al –Az har university, a member of high-ranking scolars of Egypt, a member of Arabic language academy, the master of the Quran, jurisprudence and Sunnah in “the first Fo’ad university”, a membr of “fatwa committee” of al –Az har university and a member of commentary commission of Egypt radio.

In 1957, he became the successor of al –Az har university, then in 1958 was appointed as the chancellor of this university by the president.
Shaltutis one of the founders of the organization “Dar al-Taqrib bayn al –Mazaheb”; this organization tried to strengthen friendship between Sunnis and Shias and other Islamic religions.

His most famous works:
1-exegesis of the Quran
3-Jurisprudencce of the Quran
4-Connection of religions in jurisprudence
5-“War” in Islam
6-Of the explanations of Islam , etc.
Sheikh Mahmoud Shaltut died in 1963.


The book structure

The present book concerns training and education in Islam. The author mentions human need for religion, the sign of true religiosity,
 the prophets Mission, the role of woman in society and religion, hajj, etc, he also considers koranic verses in orders to make the subjects better understand.

The book includes the following subjects:

1- Religiosity in view of people

2- The principle of Islam

3- The Prophets Mission

4- The Korans view on woman, woman in time of the Prophet, Mothers Day

5- Battle in the view of Islam.

6- Ethics in Islam


8-philosophy of Meraj (the prophets Ascension to Heaven)

9-Islam and rule, Islam and politics , Islam and society ,etc.


A glimpse into Islamic teachings


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