Forty questions and answers on belief subjects

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The book “Forty questions and answers about subjects of belief” is a great work of Ayatollah Behabahni.

It concerns a wide range of religious subjects.


The author

Mir Seyyed Ali mousavi (Behbahani), proominent jurisconsult, was born in 1885 in Behbahan –Iran.
He studied in the presence of great masters: Mirza Mohammad Hossin Bahbahani, sheikh Abdul Rasul Behbahani and Seyyed Mohammad Kazem Shariah, in his own city.

In the last years of 1905, travelled to Iraq in order to complete hids education. Sayyed Ali Behbahani then participated in the classe of "Seyyed Mohsen Koohkamareie".
He spent all his life in Hawzeh (religious schools) of Najaf and Karbala –Iraq; Isfahan, Ramhormoz and Ahvaz –Iran.

The following are those who are allowed to narrate from him:
- Seyyed Ali Rawzati
- Seyyed Ali Shafiei
- Seyyed Abbas Hosseini Kashani
- Ali Davani
- Abul Hasan Ansari
- Seyyed Muhammad Reza Shafiei

1- Light of guidance
2- Etymology
3- Base of syntax
4- Gloss on the book "Orvatul Vothqa"
5- Gloss on the book "Vasilat al –Najah
6- Jameul Masael (A scientific treatise)
7- A scientific treatise
8- The answers of 20 questions on beliefs

He died in 1975 in Ahvaz; it is said that there were 10000 people in his obsequies. He was buried in Ahvaz.


The book structure


The book is composed in 40 questions with the answers, some of them as follows,

1- On Truth and falsehood in the koranic surah “Ra'd” (Thurder):


He sends down water from the sky to that river valleys flow according to how much there is. The torrent carries along swelling foam, foam just like what comes out of fire they have kindled to smelt jewelry or some equipment with.

Even so God knocks truth and falsehood together [to compare them].

As for the foam, the scum will go away, while whatever benefits mankind lingers on in the earth.

Thus God compares things with one another [13/17]


2- The effect of the Prophet Wife -khadijas- wealth on the progress of Islam as well as the sabre of His Holiness Ali (Peace be upon him)

3-why the prophet’s stories are repeatedly mentioned in the Koran but religious duties are less considered?

4-The explicit and implicit verses of the Koran

5-on the superiority of Imam Ali (p. b. u. h) with regard to the koranic verse


Thos who disbelieve say: “you are no emissary. “Say: God suffices as a witness between me and you (all), as well as anyone who has knowledge about the Book”. (13/43)

6- The reason why the names of the fourteen Innocent are not mentioned in the Koran.

7- Proving general prophecy by scientific reasons

8- By intellectual reason, both corporeal and spiritual resurrections will be proved


9- Commentary of the Koranic verse. Cling firmly together by means of God is rope, and do separate.

Remember God is favour towards when you were enemies he united your hearts so you became brothers because of his favour.

You were on the brink of a fiery pit, and he saved you from it, thus God explains his signs to you, so that you may be guided. (103/3)

10- Commentary of the verse: Question any of our messengers we have sent before you. “Did we set up any other gods they should serve instead of the Mercy-giving? (43/45)

11- What is inferred from “announcement” in the verse: what are they questioning one another about? (1) About on imortant announcement (2) (the Announcement/Naba(78)


12- The reason why his holiness Hossein (the 3rd Shia Imam) travelled to Karbala in spite of the fact that he was aware of his martyrdom, etc.


Forty questions and answers on belief subjects


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