Human's life before the Day of Judgement (in purgatory) according to Imam Ali (peace be upon him)

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As it is mentioned in “Nomani exegesis of the Koran” according to his Holiness Ali (p. b. u. h) the paradise and the Hell mentioned in the following verses refer to the time before the Resurrection:

The day it comes, no soul will speak up except with his permission.

Some of them will feel miserable while others will be happy (11/105)

Those who are miserable will be in the fire; they shall (hear) moaning and groaning in it (11/106).

Remaining there so long so as Heaven and Earth will last, except for whatever you Lord may wish

Your Lord is a Dier of whatever he wants! (11/107)

Those who have found happiness will be in the Garden, living there so long as heaven and Earth may endure, except for whatever your Lord may wish, as a gift that will never crumble away. (11/108)

The Imam confirms that “all these events will happen before the Day of Judgement because on that Day the Earth and heaven will be changed”

Based on the following verse, the Imam mentions that “on the Day of Judgement there will be no morning and evening, therefore the morning and refer the period of time before the Day.


God shielded him from the evil deeds they plotted while the worst torment engulfed pharaoh court. (40/45)

The fire! They will be exposed to it morning and evening. While on the day when hour is set up [there will be heard]: “Send Pharaoh Court into the harshest torment! (40/46)


The “, morning and evening” mentioned in the Koran on the Day of Judgement is totally different from the verse in which morning and evening is mentioned in purgatory because in the hereafter there will be no morning and evening:

They will near no nonsense in it, only: “peace”! (as a greeting), they will have their provision there both morning and evening(19/62)

Relaxing on couches there where they will see neither sun nor any frost

It is inferred from the recent verse that there is no morning and evening in paradise    because there is no sun and moon.

Then the Imam mentions the following verse to prove that there is life in purgatory before the Day of Judgement.

Do not reckon those who are killed for God’s sake are deed, but rather [they are] living, they will be provided (3/169)

So happy will they be with whatever God had given them out of his bounty (3/170)



"Resurrection" (By Morteza Motahari)


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