Destiny of sinners in the view of the Koran

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The following verses of the 69th sura of the Koran “Haqa” (Reality) consider the state of sinners on Resurrection:


I always thought I would face my reckoning! (69:20)

However anyone who is given his book in his left hand will say: “It is bad for me, if only my book had not been given me, I would not have known my reckoning! If it had only been the sentence [once and for all]! My money has not her pied

 Me not, my authority has been wiped out on me”. Take him off and handcuff him!

Then let Hades roast him! Then padlock him to a chain gang seventy yards long (69:25-32)


"Acquaintance with the Koran" (By Morteza Motahari)


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