On Judgement Day everyone should first pass the Hell

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On the Day of Judgement all should pass first the Hell in order to enter Paradise (of course those who are allowed to enter the Heaven, but sinners will stay in the Hell)

The present universe will appear as the Hell on the Judgement Day, meaning the Hell is considered as the path leading mankind to the Heaven. Anything which leads us to distance from God, Is just as the hell, our attachments in the universe considered as the Hell not letting us approach God, therefore we should pass first the Hell in order to approach God referring to the paradise.

Even the prophets and Imams all should first pass the Hell, because this world has been just as the hell for them, then they should pass the Hell to enter Paradise. The universe is the bridge of the thereafter, and the Hell is that of the Paradise.


Every man says: “when I die will I be brought forth alive [again]?” Does man not recall that we already created him once when he was nothing? By your Lord, we shall summon both them and the devils, and then we shall parade them forth to crouch around Hell! Net we shall drag those away from every sect who have been the most insolent towards the Mercy-giving.

Thus we are quite Aware as to who are the closest to roasting in it , there  is not one of you but  he will be led up to it.

That is a decree determined by your Lord.

Then we shall save those who have headed and leave the wrongdoers crouching in side (19:66-72)


"Recognition of Resurrection" (Allameh Tehrani)


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