The relation between deeds and divine punishments received in the Hereafter

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About divine punishments it is believed that Divine justice is not observed in punishments of the Hereafter, meaning there is no relation between evil action and the punishments received by God!

This view is expressed because we compare that thereafter with the present world.

Where there is a relation between social crimes and punishments related to.

Punishment requires justice but if there is no harmony between crime and the punishments, then there will be a great injustice, but about divine punishments received in the Hereafter it is different.

Divine punishments and rewards are the same as our deeds performed in our life.

Punishment is the same as evil action committed before death; divine reward is also the good deed itself performed therefore punishments received in the Hereafter by God are not like the punishments in the world but they are the essence of the deeds themselves which will be appeared as the punishments we face:


Some day when every person will find whatever good he has done is presented [as evidence] as well as whatever bad he has done , he would like a long stretch [to lie] between then and himself .(3:30)

They will find whatever they have done presented there, even though your Lord will not harm anyone. (18:49). And whoever has done an atoms weight of good will see it, while whoever has done an atoms weight of evil will see it. (99:7-8)

Heed a day when you will be brought back to God, then every soul will be paid in full according to whatever he has earned, and they will not be treated in justly. (2:281)

You, who believe, head God! Let every soul watch out for whatever it has prepared for the morrow, and heed God. (59:18)

Say: “If it is death that you flee, it will still overtake you. Then you will be sent back to the knower of the Unseen and the Visible, he will notify you about whatever you have been doing. (62:8) 

Each soul shall know what it has prepared! (81:14)


"Divine Justice" (Morteza Motahari)


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