The people of Paradise are all purified

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In the following Koranic verses, all the good characteristics existing in Paradise as well as those of the people living there are mentioned:


1- “Peace be upon you! (Said by the angels) you have been good, so enter it to remain there.” (39:73)

2- “Peace be upon you because you have acted so patiently!” How blissful will the compensation of the How be! (13:24)

3-He will show you into gardens through which rivers flow, and wholesome dwelling in the gardens of Eden (61:12)

4-Say: “should I give you news of something even better than that? Those who do their duty will have gardens though which rivers flow to live in forever with their Lord, plus purified spouses and approval from God. God is observant of [his] worshippers. (3:15)

5-They will not hear any idle talk there nor any fault- finding, merely people saying: “peace! Peace!” (56:25-26)

6- They will hear no idle talk or any lying [gossip] there (79:35)

7-(Dwelling) in a lofty garden, No loose talk will be heard in it (88:10-11)

8-Enter the Garden, there is no need for you to fear nor should you feel saddened. (7:49)


The Quran (By T.B Irving)

"Recognition of Resurrection" (Allameh Tehrani)


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