The two gardens and blessing mentioned in the Koran

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The blessing and the two gardens are mentioned in the 55th koranic sura “al-Rahaman” (the mercy –Giving):

Yet anyone who fears to stand before his Lord will have two gardens (55:46)

Bath containing many sorts of things (5:48)

Each will have two flowing spring (55:50)

Each will have a pair for every kind of fruit (55:52)

They will recline on couches upholstered in brocade while the harvest from both orchards droops nearby (55:54)

Bashful maidens will be there whom no being has tampered, with previously, nor any sprite (55:56)

They will be like rubies and coral (55:58)

Is there reward for kindness except itself? (55:60)

Besides those two gardens there will be more gardens in lower rank:

Besides both of these, there will be extra garden,(55:62)

Both densely shaded (55:64)

Each will have two slashing fountains (55:66)

Both will have fruit, detepalms and pomegranates (55:68)

In then there will be the best, the fairest women (55:70)

Bright- eyed damsels sheltered in pavilions (55:72)

 Whom no human being has tainted previously, nor any sprite!(55:74)

They will lean back on green cushions and handsome carpets (55:76)

Blessed be your Lord name, possessor of Majesty and splendor! (55:78)


In other koranic verses also God’s blessing is noticed. Some of the verses as follows:

1- with them (believers) will be bashful women whose eyes will sparkle as if they were hidden [like hatching] eggs. (37:48-49)

2-As well as buxom maiden their own age (78:33)

3-whose clusters [of fruit] will hang within easy reach (69:23)

4-close over them will hang its awnings , while its clusters of fruit  will droop low(79:14)


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