The truth proves Resurrection

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In the universe everyone believes that the truth is a way of his own thinking or the manner of his act, but the only truth will be just in Resurrection Day:

That day will seem too real! Anyone wishes to may adopt his recourse to[ reach]the Lord.(78:39)

On that day God will repay them wilt their rightful due, they will realize that God means obvious truth.(24:25)

You have been so heedless of this, that we have removed your blinders from you so your sight maybe keep today!(50:22)

They will not anything that happens from God ! (4:42)

On that day you will (all ) be arraigned no secret of yours will remain hidden(69:78)

On a day when secrets will be tested (86:9)

They day when they will (all) emerge. Nothing  concerning them is hidden from God .who holds control today?  God Alone, the Irresistible hole it ! (40:16)


al-Mizan (Allameh Tabatabai)

The Quran (by T.B. Irving)


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