The relation between the earth and Heaven in the Koran

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In the following Koranic verses the relation between the earth and Heaven in the Koran

1- Praise be to God who has held True to His promise for us and let us in her it the earth ! We shall settle down anywhere we wish to in the Garden. (39:74)

2- We have written in the psalms following the Reminder “My Honorable servants shall inherit the earth.(21:105)

3- Were those who will inherit the earth after its [present] people never shown how we should them down for their affiances.(7:100)

4- We let a folk whom they considered to be inferior inherit the Eastern and western parts of the land which we had blessed (7:737)

5-such is the Garden which you will inherit because of what you have been doing (43:72)

6- Such is the Garden which we bequeath to those of our servant who have been pious. (19:63)

7-Mpses told his people “seek help from God and act patient the earth belongs to God. Any one he wishes from among his servants will inherit it, and the outcome belongs to the heedful: (7:128)

But the earth which will be inherited by believers is not the same earth as we are living on:

1- Some day the earth will be charged into different earth .(14:48)

2- The whole earth will lie within his grasp on Resurrection Day.(38:67)

3-The earth will shine through its Lord light.(39:69)


"Recognition of Resurrection" (Allameh Tehrani)

The Quran (by T.B Irving)


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