The true effect of deeds

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According to the Noble Koran all of our deeds either good or bad performed in the world will exist in the Hereafter, no deed is lost in Resurrection and all deeds will be presented:

1- on that day men will appear in droves to be shown their actions, and whoever  has done atoms’  weight of good will see it, while whoever has done atoms’  weight of evil will see it.(99:6-8)

2-They will find whatever they have done presented there, even though your Lord will not harm anyone. (18:49)

3-same day when every person will find whatever good he has done is presented [as evidence] as well as whatever bad he has done, he would  like a long stretch [to lie] between them and himself . God cautions you about himself, though God is Gentle wilt [His] worshippers. (3:30)

4-Anyone who comes with a fine deeds will have ten more like it , while anyone who comes with on evil deed will  only be rewarded with its like, they will not be treated unjustly .(6:160)


"Resurrection" (Morteza Motahari)

The Quran (T.B. Irving)


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