The relation between Resurrection and Divine attributes

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Creation of the whole universe and creatures as well as Resurrection all have a direct relation with Divine attributes and justice. The following Koranic verses indicate the relation:

1- No matter disbeliever, do not let his disbelief sadden you, it us will be their return and we shall notify them about whatever done.  God is Aware of what is on people’s minds. (31:23)

2- Your creation and rebirth (happen) only as with a single soul. God is Alert, Observant. (31:28)

3-whether you disclose what is on your  minds, Or hide it God will bring you to account for  it He forgive anyone he wishes to and punishes anyone  he wishes, God is capable of everything!( 2:284)

4-he said (pharaoh): “so what was the attitude during earlier centuries?” He said (Moses the prophet): “knowledge concerning them rests in a Book with my Lord. My Lord neither misses anything .nor does he forget. (2: 51-52)

5-Hide anything you say or else shout it out. He is still aware of whatever is on your minds. Does he not know anyone he has created? He is the Gracious, the Informed! (67:13-14)

6-God is the creator of everything, hi is in charge of everything. (39:62)

7-Glorify the name of your Lord, the All –Highest, who has created and fashioned, who has proportioned and guided (87:1-3)


"al-Mizan Koranic Exegesis" (Allameh Tabatabai)

The Quran (T.B. Irving)


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