Why the time of Resurrection is concealed?

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In the Koranic verses, it is confirmed that the time of Resurrection is not determined:

1- People will ask you about the Hour. Say: “knowledge about rests only with God.” what will make you realize that perhaps the Hour is near?

God will curse disbelievers and prepare a Blaze for them to remain in for ever. They will not find any patron nor supporter, (33:63-65)

2- The ones who argue about God after He has responded to them will have their arguments refuted by their Lord. On them anger will fall and they will have severe torment. God is the one who has sent down the Book as well as the scales for Truth. Who will make you realize that perhaps the Hour may be near? The ones who do not believe in it would like to hurry it along, while the ones who do believe are apprehensive about it for they know it is the Truth. Are not those who want to discredit the Hour [acting] in extreme error? (42:16-18)



"Acquaintance with the Koran" (Morteza Motahari)

The Quran English translation (T.B Irving)


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