Resurrection is denied by disbelievers

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Resurrection is one of the principles of religion, according to the Koranic verses it denied by those who do not believe in:

They say: “when we are bones and mortal remains, will be raised up in some fresh creation?” say: “Become stones or iron or any creation that seems important enough to fill your breasts” so they will say: “who will bring us back [to life]?” say: “the one who originated you in the first place.” They will way their heeds at you and say: “when will it be?” say: “perhaps it is near” someday He will call on you, and you will respond in praise of Him. You will assume you have   lingered for only a little while. (17:49-52)

We gather them in on a day there is no doubt about (3:25) our Lord your will be gathering mankind together on a day there is no doubt about. (3:9)

God there is no deity except Him. He will bring you all together on Resurrection Day; there is no doubt about it. (4:87)

He has prescribed mercy for himself so he may gather you in on Resurrection Day concerning which there is no doubt (6:12)

In the last four verses refer to certainty of Resurrection: (there is no doubt about).

Resurrection and reviving after death:

They say: “when we have died and become dust bones, will we be raised up again?  This was promised us and our forefathers long ago. These are only legends [made up] by primitive people!


"al-Mizan Koranic Exegesis" (Allameh Tabatabai)

The Quran Engliss transalation (T.B. Irving)


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