Belief in Resurrection and resistance

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The following koranic verses indicate the resistance as result of believing in Resurrection:


They said: “we have no way today to prevail over Goliath and his troops?” those who taught they were going to meet God said: “How often has a small detachment a larger detachment with Gods permission! God stands alongside the patient!” (2:249)

They said: “we will never choose you before explanations have come neither to us nor ahead of the one who originated us. Decide anything you many decide, you are no judge, you will only decide during this worldly life. We believe in our Lord, so He may forgive us, our mistakes as well for any magic you have compelled us to perform. God is Better and more Enduring.” (20:72-73)


"Message of the Koran" (Naser Makarem)

Emglish translation of the Koran (by T.B. Irving)


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