The Divine wine in the Koran

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The wine granted as the reward to believers in the Heaven is totally different from all kinds of wine in the world; it is described in the following verses of the Koran:


1) With glasses, pickers, and a cup fountain which will not upset them nor dull their senses. (56:18-19)

2) Except for God are sincere servants.  Those will have an acknowledged provision of fruit, and will be honoured in gardens of Bliss facing one another on couches.

A cup will be passed around for them from clear spring [which will be] delicious for anyone who drinks from it!

There will no hangover from it nor will they feel exhausted by it.

3) On couches watching. You will recognize a blissful splendor on their faces. They will be offered a sealed potion to drink whose seal will be musk. For that let rivals compete! It will be blended with a beverage from a spring where those close [to God] will drink. (83-23-28)

4) The virtuous will drink from a cup which will be mixed camphor a freely gushing spring where God is servants will drink. [Here] is what the parable of the Garden which the heedful have been promised will be like. It will have rivers of never stagnant water and river of milk whose flavour never changes and rivers of wine so delicious for those who drink it, and rivers of clarified honey. They will have every [sort of] fruit in it, as well as forgiveness from their Lord. Are they like someone who will remain forever in the fire and they will be given scalding water to drink so it rips into their bowels? (47:15)


"Al-mizan" (Allameh Tabatanai)

Acquaintance with the Koran (Morteza Motahari)

English translation of the Koran (T.B. Irving)


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