The pioneers' characteristics in the Koran's view

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According to the Koran, people on the Day of Judgement divided into three groups: 1) the companions on the Right 2) the companions on the left 3) the pioneers

The first and the third group will be in peace.

The second group   is the sinners staying in Hell.

Although the companions on the Right and the pioneers will both live in peace based on the Koran the pioneers are the highest, they are the nearest:


When the Inevitable arrives, no one will deny its happening, humbling, exalting! The earth will be rocked with a jolt and the mountains crumble to pieces and become dust that is scattered about you will from there groups:

The companions on the Right (what do the companions on the Right [mean]?): the companions on the left (what do the companions on the unlucky side [mean]?), and the pioneers will be out there leading! Those will be the nearest in gardens of bliss, a multitude from early men and a few from later ones. (56:1-14)

Both of the groups ( the companions on the Right and the pioneers) have done honorable acts therefore they will enter paradise, but the difference is that the companions the Right do honorable acts in order  to enter the Heaven , but the pioneers do because  of the deeds  themselves  not for the Heaven , meaning  if there was no Heaven , the pioneers would do honorable acts  again.

They are always pioneers not only in performing honorable deeds but also in obeying God, saying prayer, jihad and repentance.

In the following verses of the Noble Koran, the blessing in the Heaven granted to the pioneers is mentioned:

On couches set close together , leaning back  on them , facing one another Immortal  youths will stroll around them with glasses , pickers  , and a cup from a fountain which will not upset them not dull their  senses : and any fruit that  they may choose and the meat  from any  fowl they may desire and bright –eyed damsels [chaste] just –like treasured pearls, as a reward for what they  have been doing .

They will not hear any idle talk there nor any fault-finding, merely people saying: “Peace! Peace” (56-15-26)

The following verses also confirm that there will be “peace” for the pioneers in the Heaven:

“Peace”!  will be a greeting from a Merciful Lord. (36:58)

“Peace be upon you because you have acted so patiently!” How blissful will the compensation of the Home be! (13:10)

They will have a peaceful home with their Lord; He will be their patron because of what they have been doing. (6:127)



Acquaintance with the Koran (Morteza Motahari)

English translation of the Koran (T.B. Irving)


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