The characteristics of the meritorious in the Koran

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Based on the Koran, man generally has been created restless, except the ones who observe some moral religious rules:


Man has been created restless,

So he panics wherever any evil touches him,

And with draws when some good touches him,

Except for the prayerful

Who are constant at their prayers

And whose wealth comprises an acknowledged responsibility

Towards the beggar and the destitute,

And the ones who accept the Day for Repayment,

And those whose are apprehensive their Lords torment

(Their Lords torment id nothing to feel too safe from!)

And the ones who preserve their chastity

Except with their  own spouses or those living under their control, with such they are blameless.

And the ones who preserve their trusts and oaths,

And the ones who stand by their testimony,

And the ones who attend to their prayer

Those will be honored in gardens (70: 19-35)


The Noble Quran (English translation by T.B. Irving)

Nemuneh Koranic exegesis (by Naser Makarem)


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