The Blaze (the name attributed to Hell)

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In the Kornic verses some terms are noticed referring to Hell. “The Blaze” (sa'ir) is one of the terms presenting Hell:

1- A group will be in the Garden , while another group will be the Blaze (42:7)

2-Criminals will be lost in error and frenzy (54:47)

3- Satan is  an enemy of yours, so treat him as an enemy , he only calls his party to become  inmates  of the Blaze .(35:6)

4- Those who live off orphans property without having any right to do so will only suck up fire into their bellies , and  they will(eventually) roast in a blaze! (4:10)

5- Their lodging will be Hell. Every time it dies down, we will make it blaze up again for them.(17:97)

6-It has been written down concerning anyone he befriends that he shall mislead him and guide him to the torment of the Blaze.( 22:4)

7-Yet they deny the Hour. We have   prepared a Blaze for anyone who denies the Hour.(25:11)

8-And will roast in the Blaze (84: 12)

9- When Hades is set blazing (81:12)

10-Hell will suffice as a blaze (4:55)


al-Mizan Koranic exegesis (Allameh Tabatabi)

The Noble Koran (English translation by T.B. Irving)


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