Divine justice in the Koran's view

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Justice as a divine characteristic refers to not doing injustice considered as one the Islamic principles.

The following koranic verses indicate Divine justice:

1- Your Lords word has been completed so for as [its] credibility and justice is concerned, there is no way to change His words. (6:115)

2- God testifies there is no deity except Himself, and so do the angels and persons knowledge.(3:18)

3- God does not harm anything so much as on atoms weight. (4:40)

4-He said: “Anyone who has down wrong we shall punish.

5- Do not let ill –will toward any fold incriminate you so that you swerve from dealing justly. Be just, that is nearest to heed fullness (5:8)


The Quran (English translation by T.B.Irving)


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