Love and affection towards each other in the Koran

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In many of the koranic verses love and showing affection towards each other are mentioned.

In the verses blew, indicate that God love believers:

1. spend for God’s sake, yet do not expose yourselves to ruin through your own hands: God loves those who act kindly (2:195)

2. God loves the patient and he loves those who try to keep clean. (2:222)

3. God loves the Heedful. (3:76)

4. God loves those who do their duty. (9:4) 

5. God loves those who cleanse themselves. (9:108)

6. God loves those who deal fairly.(5:42)

7. God loves those who act fairly.(49:9)

8. God does not forbid you to act considerately towards those who have never fought you over religion nor evicted you from your homes, nor [forbid you to act fairly towards them. God loves the fair-minded. (60:8)

The following verses of the Koran confirm the love between God and believers:

1. You who believe, any of you who abandons his religion [will find] God will bring a people whom he will love just as they love him.(5:54)

2. If you have been loving God, then follow me (the prophet) God will then love you and forgive you your affiances. God is Forgiving, Merciful. (3:31)

The koranic verse below indicates that believers love God:

1. Yet there are some people who adopt rivals of God, whom they love just as they should love God. Those who believe are firmer in their love of God, if only those who commit evil might see when they face torment, how strength is wholly God, and God is sever with torment.

2. The ones who have set up hose keeping and faith before them should love anyone who has migrated to them. (59:9)


The Noble Koran (English translation by T.B.Irving)

"Attraction and repulsion" (Morteza Motahari)


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