The Koran's view on envy

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In the Koranic verses envy as an evil characteristic is rejected. The following verses indicate envy.

1. Do they envy people because of what God has given them out of his bounty? We already gave Abraham’s family the Book and wisdom, and we gave them splendid control. (12:54)

Many people of the Book would like to turn you back into disbelievers following your faith, out of envy for them, even though the Truth has been explained to them. Pardon [them] and disregard, God is capable of everything! (2:109)

3. [I take refuge with Lord] from the evil of some envier   when he envies. (113:5)


Ethics in the Koran (Naser Makarem Shirazi)

The Noble Koran (English translation by T.B.Irving)


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