Compensation for the murdered victim in the Koran

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Compensation for the murdered victim is one of the social Islamic issues considered in the Koran. In Arabia in the period of paganism, when a person of a tribe was killed by the other from another tribe, the first tribe murdered all the people of the second tribe! In this case the following Koranic verses were revealed to confirm that if they intend to provide the compensation they are permitted to murder only the killer:


1. You who believe, compensation for the murdered victim has been prescribed for you: the freeman for the free, the slave for the salve, and the female. Anyone who is pardoned in any way for it his brother should follow this up appropriately, and handsomely make amends with him, that means a lightening as well as mercy from your Lord. Anyone who exceeds the limit after that shall have painful torment. (2:178)
2. You will find [security for] life in [such] compensation, o prudent persons, so that you may do your duty! (2:179)
3. Do not kill any soul whom God has forbidden you to, except through [due process of] law. We have given his nearest relatives authority for anyone who is killed unjustly yet let him not overdo things in killing [the culprit]  , in as much as he has been so supported.(17:33)



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