Training and wisdom in the Koran

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Training as a general principle in human life has some considerable goals as follows:
1. Wisdom   2. Appreciating culture   3. Training creativity
4. Appreciating education 5. Communicating with thinkers
6. Appreciating ethical and spiritual principles 7. Receiving principle skills  8.  Physical and mental health, etc.
Training as well as wisdom is remarkable in the Koran. The holy verses of the Koran confirm the importance of wisdom:


1. Say: “are the blind and the sighted man equal? Will you not think? Such matters over?” (6”90)
[The tem “think” is applied in 16 verses of the Koran]
2. The places a blight on those who do not use their reason. (10:100)
[The tem “reason” is applied in 46 verses]
3. Have they not reflected on the sentence, whether something that never reached their earliest forefathers may not have came to them?(23:68)
[The tem “reflect” is also mentioned in 4 verses of the Koran]
4. In the creation of Heaven and Earth, and the alternation between night and daylight, there are signs for prudent persons.(3:190)
[The tem “prudent” “referring” to thinker is applied in 16 koranic verses]
5. They would like to deceive God and those who believe, while they merely outwit themselves and do not even notice it! (2:9)
[The tem “notice” is applied in 26 verses]
6. Watch how we handle signs so that they may understand. (6:65)
[The tem “understand”  is  mentioned in  15 koranic  verses]





The principles of training (Mohammad Taqi Jafari)

The Noble Koran (English translation by T.B.Irving)


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