Ethics in human life

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According to some viewpoints, ethics are considered as a personal affair or even observed spiritual which have no effect in the worldly life but in the Hereafter! It is totally rejected because not only without observing ethics living is impossible, but –also all the rules will be broken. In the following verses of the Koran confirm the role of ethics in human life:


1. A good and an evil are not alike: repel [evil] with something (that is) finer, and notice how someone who is separated from you because of enmity will become a bosom friend! (41:34)
2. Seek a home in the hereafter through whatever God has given you. Do not neglect you share in this world, and act kindly, just as God has treated you kindly. Do not aim to cause mischief on earth, God does not love mischief makers. He said: “I have been given because of some knowledge I possess” Did he not realize that God had wiped out generations before him who were stronger than he and possessed even greater resources? Will not criminals be questioned concerning their offences? (28:77-78)
3. If they (the people of the Book) had only kept up the Torah and the Gospel, and whatever down to them by their Lord, they would have eaten anything above them and from beneath their feet. Some of them from moderate community, while many of them act badly in anything they do.(3:66)
4. we shall let anyone who act honourably , whether it is a men or woman provided he s a believer , live a happy life reward them with their earnings for the finest deeds they have been doing.(16:97)
 5. Are you surprised that a Reminder from you Lord should came to you through one of your own men, so that he may warn you? Remember when he set you up as overlords following Noah’s folk, and made you grow so very tall. Remember God benefits so that you may prosper.(7:69)
6. While anyone who fails to remember Me will have a meager living and we shall summon him as a blind person on Resurrection Day. (20:124)
7. We do not know whether evil is intended for anyone on earth, or their Lord wants integrity for them. Some of us honorable while others of us are quite the opposite of that: we [travel] along such diverse routes. We supposed should never escape God on earth, and we shall never escape him by fleeing.(71:10-12)



Ethics in the Koran (Naser Makarem)

The Noble Koran (English translation by T.B.Irving)


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