Pride will lead human and Satan towards the Hell

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According to the Koranic verses human pride as well as that of Satan guide them to the Hell:


1. As for the ones who disbelieve. “Were not My signs recited to you, and yet you acted proudly and were such criminal folk? (25:31)
2. While those who reject My signs and act too haughty towards them will become inmates of the Fire, they will remain there forever. (7:36)
3. Yet every time some messenger comes to you with what you yourselves do not fancy, why do you at so overbearing? One have rejected while another group you would [like to] kill. (2:87)
4. So we told the angels: “Bow down in your knees before Adam.” They [all] knelt down except for Diabolis. He refused and acted proudly, and became a disbeliever. (2:34)
5. The angels all bowed on their knees together except for Diabolis, he was too proud and a believer besides. He said: “Diabolis, what prevents you from kneeling down before something I have created with My own hands? Have you become too proud, or are you overbearing?
(38: 73-75)
6.He said:” what prevents you from bowing down when I have commanded you to while you created him from clay.” (7:13)



Recognition of Resurrection (Allameh Tehrani)

English translation of the Quran (by T.B.Irving)


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