The Prophet's social ethics

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The Holy Prophet Muhammad had great social ethics, some of them as follows:

1. Hating joblessness
The Prophet always persuaded Muslims in working. According to the Prophet, worship includes seventy parts which working is considered as one of them.
2. Trustworthiness
The Prophet was considered as an honest person among his own tribe “Quraysh”, he was known as “Muhammad Amin” (the Honest Muhammad). All people deposited their valuable with him.
3. Fighting oppression
He always supported the oppressed. In time of “Jahiliya” (the period of paganism before the advent of Islam in Arabia) the prophet fought against oppressors.
4. Attitude towards slaves
The Prophet always behaved so kindly towards slaves.
5. Cleanliness
The Holy Prophet always seemed clean and smelled good. He also ordered his companions to observe cleanliness.
6. Rules of etiquette
The Prophet was so kind, sympathetic, and good – tempered. He was always the first who said hello to everyone even children.
While taking to people, looked at everyone not only a person, if it happened to not visit one of his companions for three days, asked about him from other companions, he always cared about them.
7. Magnanimity and gentleness
The holy Prophet was so gentle and magnanimous towards people even towards his enemies, but about social affairs he was no more magnanimous and enforced the law.




Revelation and prophecy (Morteza Motahari)


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