Seyf Ibn Zi Yazan

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In the last years of the Abyssinian’s (Habashies) reign over Yemen, the people staged many revolts to free theit country but they failed, therefore tried to do it with the help of the foreihn powers. As a rewsult, Seyf Ibn Zi Yazan who was one of the Hemyarid princes, sent the Abyssinians out with the assistance of Iranians and he himself came to the throne. He is a heroic figure whose wife “Reyhaneh” was exorted by Abraha as his wife and Seyf Ibn Zi Yazan lived under his guardianship. When his step-brother, “Masruq” succeeded to the throne, ####overoppressed Hemyarids and Yemeni tribes. Therefore Seyf asked Anushirvan (the Sassanid king) for help. Anushirvan sent 800 prisoners with 8 ships and the commander “Wahraz”. This army and the Yemeni army which supported Seyf, could defeat Masruq’s army and Masruq was killed by Wahraz. Also Seyf came to the throne by Wahraz. Seyf Ibn Zi Yazan was a severe ruler over Habashies and took many of them as slaves. Eventually he was killed by some Habashi soldiers.


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